Add Any Place on Google: Trick 2023

Add Any Place on Google: Trick 2023: Friends, before this we had shared 2 posts with you in which we had Google’s products only. In one post I told about Google’s Tez app and in another post about YouTube Go.

If you have not read these two posts, then you must read this post after reading it completely. Today’s post is also based on a product of Google itself, whose name is Google Map. Almost everyone knows about Google Map, you must also know.

Today I will show you how to add your shop in Google Map, your home, your office, how to put location google. I will tell you about adding the address of etc. As you all must know that with Google Map, we can easily find out about any place, which place is where.

When we are going out somewhere for the first time, then in such a situation we have to ask people that ‘where is this place’. If you have google map then you don’t need to ask,

You can easily find out about that place through Google Map. When a guest comes to our house for the first time or after a long time, they face the most difficulty in finding our address.

Such problems are maximum in the cities because a lot changes in the cities in such a long time interval. If your home address is in Google Map, then your guests will be able to reach your home very easily through Google Map. If you too can add your home, your shop on Google Map? (How to add your shop on Google map) If you want to add the location of etc. (Location – Address) to Google Map, then definitely read this post till the end.

Add Any Place on Google: Trick 2023

Know some things before putting your Shop on Google Map

  • Set the location of the place you are adding correctly.
  • Give correct information about address etc. otherwise your application will be canceled and you will not be able to connect your house, shop etc.
  • Don’t add useless location that will disturb people.
  • If you add Home i.e. house, then you will not see its symbol like – shop has symbol for shop, hotel for hotel, school for school, etc.
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How to add location in google map?

  1. First of all, open Google Map on your computer.
  2. By going to the menu of the map, you can turn on the option of Satellite, so that it will be easy for you to find your house, shop etc.
  3. Then you find the location on the map where your house, your shop, your office, your school is. If you are connecting the location through mobile, then you should turn on the GPS, which will tell you the location of where you are currently, which will make it easier for you to find the location.
  4. After finding the location, click on that location and select it and then go to the menu of the map and click on the “Add a missing place” option.
  5. Here a window will open in front of you in which you have to give the following information. Before giving the information, set the location sign of red color at the right place where your house, your shop etc. is.
  • Name – You have to give the name of your house, shop, etc. which you want to add to the map.
  • Address – As soon as you set the location, automatically the address of your home etc. will come.
  • Category – In this column, you have to tell whose address you are adding to Google Map like – Home, Shop, School, Hotel etc. Here many options will come in front of you, choose the one you want to add.
  • Phone – Here you have to give your mobile number.
  • Website – If you have an official website, you can give it here.
  • Hours – If you are adding the address of shop, restaurant, school, etc., then you can also give opening and closing time of your shop etc.
  • Note: It is mandatory to give information about the option marked with *.
  1. After filling this form, you click on the button of “Submit”. After submission, the Google team will review it. If the information given by you is found correct, Google will add it to its map. In this way, you can add your house, shop etc. to Google’s map, that too for free. This process is almost the same in computer and mobile.
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Add Any Place on Google: Trick 2023

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