Animall App Download

Animall App Download: In the modern era, this work has become many times easier through online mediums and Animal app is helping the animal parents in this work.

Mobile App for Animal Husbandry: Animal Husbandry and Dairy Farming greatly benefit the rural population of India. Most of the cattle rearers rear milch animals for their livelihood and many are earning good income by buying and selling these animals. Till now the work of buying and selling of animals was done in traditional ways, where they are exhibited in Animal Fair and Panth, but in the modern era, online mediums have made this work many times easier and in this work Animall App is helping the animal parents.

Animall App Download

Specialties of Animall App

This application has been designed like other e-commerce websites, on which the type, size, price of animals, milk production, its quality and quantity are also told.

  • With the help of this digital platform, the information about animals and their buying and selling has become very easy.
  • With the help of this mobile application, the cattle rearers have also been connected directly with the veterinarians.
  • This mobile application gives information about the breed of milch animals, their milk production capacity and their price and location for purchase and sale.
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Online Purchase Selling of dairy animals

To make buying and selling of animals easier on this online platform, interested animal herders will have to create their own account.

  • In this, first of all the pin code of the city or village has to be entered.
  • Notification for Animal Availability will be received on the phone itself as soon as the location is entered.
  • Mobile numbers are also shared here for direct contact with Dairy Animal Owners or buyers, so that the agent does not have any hassle.
  • Not only this, along with photos and videos of animals available for sale and purchase on this mobile app, the breed of the animal, quantity and price of milk production also have to be shared.

Animal app is designed like any other e-commerce website. Here you can get information about animal information, breed, size, price etc. Through this app, you will get information about animals giving more than 0 to 18 liters of milk.

Through Animal App you can buy and sell the following animals-

  • cow
  • buffalo
  • heifer
  • padi
  • ox
  • goat
  • female sheep – male sheep
  • hen
  • dogs
  • Camel
  • horse – mare
  • Elephant

how will this app work

  • First of all download the app through this link
  • After this enter your mobile number in this app.
  • Now enter the pin code of your city or village in it or turn on your location.
  • After entering the location, the details of animals available for sale and purchase in nearby areas will appear in front of your screen.
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Now these options will open in front of you on the screen-

  • buy animal
  • animal chat
  • sell cattle
  • animal treatment
  • animal facility

Animall App Download

Animall App DownloadDownload Now
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