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BMI Calculator App Download: Download BMI Calculator App | Body mass index (BMI) is the ratio of fat versus muscle mass for an adult man or woman of height and weight. BMI is the main determinant of a person’s obesity or leanness. BMI is also a quick and accurate technique to evaluate someone’s health. This is an economical and easy way to check weight ranges that may lead to medical problems in the future.


BMI Calculator Information

A person’s health can also be evaluated quickly and accurately using BMI. Body mass index or BMI indicates how much fat you have in relation to your height and weight. It not only settles fat inside your body, but also in your bones and muscles.You may use a BMI calculator to establish your weight in relation to your height. Are you in the typical weight range and how healthy are you?

Who is not suitable to use BMI calculator?

BMI should not be used for pregnant women, elderly and small children. Also, BMI should not be used for body builders and athletes. The major reason for this is not being able to calculate properly in this matter. The reason behind this is that BMI does not understand muscle mass differently. For example, the weight of pregnant women is not only based on their weight but also the weight of the growing baby in her womb. If your BMI index falls below 18.5 based on your height and weight, then you are underweight and need to be increased. Between 18.5 and 24.9 is thought to be the sweet spot for BMI. Individuals whose BMI is in this range should be kept in check. A BMI of 25 or higher requires caution. Because people with this BMI level are afraid of getting diabetes type-2, heart disease or stroke. If the BMI is more than 30 then your body is at great risk from the side effects caused by obesity.

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New BMI Formula

  • First all over the world this formula has been used for ages and is universally accepted.
  • Earlier all medical professionals have used this formula to assess the parameters of a person’s health.
  • Recently a new formula has been identified that shows a more realistic result based on height, the new BMI formula is more accurate than the basic standard formula.

Benefits of BMI Calculator

As is well known, BMI gives an estimate of whether your weight corresponds to your height or not. BMI Calculator is an online tool that helps you get this ratio. Here are some reasons why you should use a BMI calculator: This device measures whether you are underweight, normal body weight, overweight, or overweight. It helps your PCP or nutritionist find out your body fat levels. helps. Along with this, considering the BMI, the expert will actually likewise want to outline your eating regimen and daily workout. Download our Indian Bharat Caller App, With Bharat Caller App you can easily get details about your callers and numbers.

Is BMI calculated for children the same way as for adults?

BMI is interpreted differently for different age groups. Since young women and men have different body fat and muscle mass. BMI allows comparison between different age stages of the same sex (children, teenagers). Regardless of this fact, it is determined by incorporating the same equation for adults. The BMI of children and adolescents should be age- and gender-specific, as the ratio of muscle to fat changes with age.

How appropriate is physical condition BMI?

  • There is a sensible association between BMI and body mass. Even if two individuals have the same BMI, their degree of body fat may differ. (BMI is a measure of excess body weight rather than excess body fat)
  • As suggested by the BMI weight status classification, anyone with a BMI anywhere between 25 and 29.9 would be considered overweight and anyone with a BMI greater than 30 would be classified as obese.
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BMI Calculator App Download

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