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Caller Name Announcer Pro App Download | When a call comes in while we are driving, we get a little upset because we should not answer calls while we are driving; however, if the call is urgent, we must stop the car to check to see if it is coming.Who has called, but if we find out that the call belongs to the company or comes from someone you don’t have to answer, everyone will be furious to the seventh heaven.

In this situation, there is only one thought that comes to mind: I wish that whenever a call comes in to our phone, we would immediately recognize that the caller has contacted us without even looking at the phone.When we are doing some important work at home and the phone is kept a little away from us, we frequently encounter this kind of issue. If a call comes in, we must leave our important work to see who is calling.


Many people are so lazy that if the phone is kept away from them and someone is calling, then they do not attend the phone due to laziness. This problem of all of you can be solved easily with just one app. Today, by using the app about which we are going to tell you, without touching your phone, you will be able to know who is calling you. After using this app, your phone will tell you by speaking whose call is coming to you. Along with the call, this app will also tell you about SMS and Whatsapp, who is messaging you.

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After using this app called Caller Name Announcer Pro, many of your tasks will become easier, because when you are doing some important work or you do not want to attend the call of any person, you can do it very easily now. Because after using this app, you do not need to see who is calling you on the phone.

What is Caller Name Announcer Pro App?

You can download Caller Name Announcer Pro for free from Google play store. This app is more beneficial for those people who do a lot of driving, because when we say driving, then if someone’s call comes, then we have to stop the car, so that we can talk, but if your phone only speaks Will tell who is calling you, then you can decide whether this call is necessary for you or not. Caller Name Announcer Pro is proving beneficial for everyone.

How to use Caller Name Announcer Pro App?

It is very easy to setup Caller Name Announcer Pro App (application) in your Smartphone.

  • After the download process is complete, you open the Install Caller Name Announcer Pro App (application) in your Smartphone.
  • After opening the Caller Name Announcer Pro App (application), it will ask you for various permissions. You allow these permissions.
  • Now you will see the Test Option on the screen of your Smartphone. You tap this Test Option.
  • After tapping you will get a popup message.
  • You tap on the Yes Option written in that Popup message and your Test Option will be successful and a new page will open on the screen of your Smartphone.
  • On the newly opened page, you will see the option of WhatsApp, Audio, Call, SMS.
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How can Caller Name Announcer Pro be set up?

You can customize the volume, speech rate, and pitch settings of this application by going to the Audio settings menu.You can find a lot of options in the settings, but you shouldn’t change Option in any way.You can also choose how many times you want to hear that person’s name when they call from this list.You can personalize Call Settings by creating equivalent settings in Settings.

Caller Name Announcer Pro App Download

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