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Cambly App Download…If you are an English learner, then you would know that learning English means knowing a little grammar is not enough, to speak good English, you need people who speak better than you, who can tell you where you make mistakes. Are you or how should a word be pronounced?

Cambly App Download

What is Cambly App?

Cambly App is a Video Conversation Platform that lets you have a live conversation with Native English Speakers. Whether you live in a village or a city, with the help of this app, you can talk to any native English speaker and practice speaking English easily.

Benefits of Cambly App

Native English tutors

  • On Cambly App you get Native English tutors, who belong to countries like America, Australia, England, South Africa. Cambly tutors are very experienced as well as very friendly.
  • It guides you to speak a good English, and corrects your mistakes, as well as teaches you how to pronounce words.

Cambly App provides you 24×7 Classes.

  • Cambly App gives you the opportunity to choose a flexible time, so if you want to talk during the day or even at night. If you are a Jober then you can talk in lunch also and if you are a house wife then you can talk even after finishing the house chores. This gives you full opportunity to choose your time.
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You can choose your teacher through the Cambly App

You can also choose your teacher on this App. Suppose you have hesitation in talking to a male teacher, then you can talk by selecting a female teacher.

If you want, you can also choose a teacher by reading the profile of the tutor. You get highly qualified teachers on Cambly App.

The Cambly App lets you select the topic category

You can do whatever field you want to talk about on the Cambly App. This App provides tutor according to your category.

If you prepare for IAS, then you will get a tutor who does preparation like IAS. If you are preparing for IELTS test like TESOL, TOEFL, then nothing can be better for you because here you get a chance to talk on Variety of Topics where you are also guided. Now you must have become clear that Cambly App has many benefits.

Does Cambly App make us fluent in English?

“Does Cambly App make us fluent?” Many people ask this question, but let me tell you, if you are serious about Spoken English, then definitely try this App, Cambly App is the only App in the world which helps you to speak fluent English. The reason behind this is that on Cambly App you have to talk to those people who are fluent and when we talk to fluent English speaker, we do not take time to speak fluent English.

Is Cambly App Free?

Many English learners ask “Is Cambly App free?” So let me tell you that Cambly App is not free, but when you login to it for the first time, it gives you some free minutes, using which you can talk to any Native English Tutor.

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Being an English teacher, I know that Cambly App is a bit expensive but not so expensive that you cannot afford it. There are always some offers coming in this, using which you can take its basic plan or any other plan. According to me 15 minutes daily is enough. And for this Basic Plan is a very good option for you.

Cambly App Download

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