Claim In The Report: More Than 1 Million Cases Per Day, Yet The Official Figure Is Less Than 3 Thousand

Claim In The Report: More Than 1 Million Cases Per Day, Yet The Official Figure Is Less Than 3 Thousand- In March 2023, the situation of Kovid-19 in China is expected to become more aggressive. According to media reports, 5 thousand deaths can occur every 24 hours against 10 lakh cases. Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing new research from London-based analytics firm Airfinity. According to Airfinity, the current wave of cases is due to China’s insistence on scrapping the Covid protocol, as the new Omicron sub-variant BF.7 could increase the number of daily new cases to 3 million by next month and alarmingly reach 4 million in March.


Claim In The Report: More Than 1 Million Cases Per Day, Yet The Official Figure Is Less Than 3 Thousand

China’s official case numbers are just under 3,000

According to research by Airfinity, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s controversial ‘Zero Covid’ policy could worsen the situation. China officially reported 2,966 new cases on Wednesday and the lowest number of Covid deaths since early December, but hospitals are overflowing with patients and lines for funerals are also forming. According to Airfinity, the new wave of Corona in China will last until the middle of January. After that the second wave will start again. It has been said that there will be a second wave of outbreaks from late February to March. That means the situation may become more difficult in the month of March.

Covid test booths were closed

China has claimed less than 3,000 new cases and zero deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. However, these figures came after the government changed the criteria for registering cases and deaths. It means that transit is not considered. The ruling Chinese Communist Party has closed its Covid test booths and canceled efforts to include every infected person in the daily count. On the other hand, China’s health regulator has changed the definition of Covid-19, making it difficult to calculate the death toll.

How are corona cases counted in China?

According to health officials in China, only deaths due to pneumonia or breathing difficulties are included in the official Covid death toll. In this regard, the number of deaths decreases, but after the easing of restrictions, there is a sudden increase in cases of infection. Weng Guiqiang, chief of infectious disease affairs at Peking University Hospital, said on Tuesday that deaths due to pre-existing diseases are not counted in the number of COVID-19 deaths.

80 crore corona infected in China

The corona infection situation in China brings to mind the year 2020. The situation is now so dire that all of the beds in our hospitals are taken. Medicines are running out at medical stores. It is evident that patients beg their doctors for treatment.

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Beijing’s biggest crematorium offers 24-hour incineration. A new variant that is spreading in China may be the reason, according to experts. It has the name BA. It is also known as BF.7 by scientists. This new variation is being supposed to be the explanation for the unexpected expansion in crown cases after the zero-Coronavirus strategy finished in China. As per specialists this is the most risky change of Omicron.

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