Disadvantage of Garlic

Disadvantage of Garlic | We know that garlic is something that we use in cooking every day. Garlic is used to make our food more tasty. Eating garlic strengthens our digestion. And yes, if there is any problem with digestion, garlic It helps us in the form of many benefits. Garlic contains the highest amount of protein, which proves to be very beneficial for our body. Since garlic does not contain calories, we can get relief from calories. Since there are many such beneficial substances, it is suitable for five different types of people. Other diseases can also be seen so that we know which people should not consume garlic. Because for such people, garlic can be considered very harmful and poison.

Disadvantage of Garlic

Disadvantage of Garlic


People who suffer from excessive acidity should also avoid consuming garlic. Because acidity is caused especially by hot food and acidity is garlic too hot, it can spread more and increase in acidity because the acid is increased and the pain is also increased. And if you eat raw garlic without ripening, you will immediately see an increase in acidity, so people with acidity should not eat raw garlic in particular and should eat less cooked garlic.

Operation or surgery

Friends, people who have undergone surgery or surgery should also eat garlic. Because your blood pressure increases at this time, garlic reduces the dilution of our blood and its pressure is also high. This can cause us problems during surgeries and operations. That is why it is very difficult for the doctor to bring the blood under control before or after the operation, so before the operation or for fifteen or twenty days after the operation, garlic should not be consumed.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women should not consume garlic. Many people say that pregnant women should eat garlic but never consume garlic in such a situation. Garlic increases our digestive power and strengthens our internal organs, but as for pregnant women, they should not eat garlic because it can cause harm in two ways. That means the baby comes before her pregnancy time and that baby can have any problem. We know that if the baby comes prematurely, he may experience any problem, we sometimes do not experience any problem, so garlic should not be consumed by pregnant women. And yes, secondly, because garlic is very hot, pregnant women should consume very little hot food, so garlic should be consumed, and papaya is hotter than garlic, so garlic and papaya are hot. Pregnant women should not consume this because doctors also refuse to eat it.

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Blood pressure

People who have the lowest blood pressure should reduce the consumption of garlic because eating garlic lowers your blood pressure and can cause many other diseases in our body, so if you are eating garlic, you should eat it less. And if your blood pressure is high then you have to consume garlic in proper quantity. And do not consume raw garlic. This maintains your blood pressure and if you have high blood pressure then eat less garlic.


Raw garlic should not be consumed by people who have anemia, i.e. low amount of blood in our body. Garlic goes into our body and works to burn blood and fat. Baran means burning in our body. That’s why people with anemia should not consume garlic, as it can kill you, and even ripe garlic should be consumed very sparingly, as this anemia occurs especially in people with low blood volume.

If there are friends who have problems, especially blood pressure, lack of blood cells in the body, pregnant women, all such people should consume less garlic and even if they eat garlic, it will work. If we have to eat anything to save the body first, we should not eat it. Eating garlic or any of the indicated problems should be avoided in order to reduce the consumption of raw or cooked garlic, which will relieve any indicated problem and also resolve your problem.

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