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eFIR Online Gujarat – e-FIR is a portal in which one does not have to rush to the police station regarding mobile theft or vehicle theft and can do e-FIR at home by developing citizen portal https://gujhome.gujarat.gov.in or citizen first mobile app. has come

The Gujarat government announced that people can now file an “e-FIR” using the Citizen Portal or the Citizen First Mobile app to report theft of their vehicles or mobile phones.


When was the service of E-FIR started and why?

The service of E-FIR is going to be launched in Gujarat, but this service has also been launched in other states of the country. So let’s know why this service was started. Police officers are reluctant to file complaints at police stations, which has tarnished the image of the government several times. In view of this, the state governments recommended the central government to bring the facility of online filing of cases. In November 2015, the central government approved this facility under the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems (CCTNS). In January 2016, under this project, it was aimed to start the facility of online FIR in 15 thousand police stations and 5 thousand officers’ offices of the country.

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Vehicle and mobile theft complaints can be lodged at home through e-FIR

This facility of e-FIR can be availed only in cases where the accused is unknown and no force has been used or injury sustained during the incident. If the complaint is found to be true, the preliminary investigation of the e-FIR will be completed within the allotted time frame. Regarding the procedure of the e-FIR facility, the list states that the complainant has to register on the citizen portal and upload the details related to the complaint regarding vehicle or phone theft online.


How does e-FIR work?

Complainant in e-FIR can file complaint on citizen portal. e-FIR can only be complained about vehicle or phone theft and the complainant will be informed about his complaint through e-mail or SMS through Jeet police station and the police will inspect the spot within 24 hours and dispose of it within 72 hours and if not disposed of The pending e-mail will also be sent to the police officials immediately and after 120 hours.

The e-FIR system has been implemented in these states

The E-FIR system has been implemented in 15 states of the country, including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Assam, Punjab, Chandigarh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. if you are searching for Job in Gujarat, so Anubandham Portal is for you! You can get information about All Gujarat Jobs in Anubandham Portal. So With this link you can free Anubandham Registration & Login.

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If the criminal leaves with the stolen vehicles, the control center will be informed through e-FIR

The e-FIR service is coordinated with the Gujarat State Police CCTV Command and Control Centre. When an e-FIR is registered, the vehicle number will be instantly flashed at the CCTV command and control when the stolen vehicle is passing through the public road carrying an offender.


How to File E-FIR?

All the states which have introduced E-FIR system have portal and website facility. You can go to the website of the state where the incident happened to you and file your complaint. To file a complaint you need to have only two things, one is an active mobile number and the other is a working email id. An active mobile number is required because the police will contact you after an E-FIR, which requires a phone number, while an email id is required to confirm the truth in the case.


Do e-FIR online at home

  • Complaint has to be made on Citizen Portal or Citizen First Mobile App
  • You have to register on this app and upload details of phone or vehicle theft online.
  • After taking a printout of the online application and signing it, the signed application has to be scanned and uploaded.
  • The e-FIR will be forwarded to the police station where the name of the police station is written in the details of the incident and if the name is not written then the office of the Commissioner of Police will forward the e-FIR and the office of the Commissioner of Police/Superintendent of Police will forward the e-FIR to the concerned police station.
  • The police station officer will be able to view the e-fire in the portal work list by logging on to e-GujCop from the user ID of e-GujCop and in any case within 24 hours time frame the duty officer/employee shall be sent to the police station for preliminary investigation.
  • When the preliminary investigation is assigned to the investigating officer on duty at the police station, the investigating officer and also the complainant will be informed by e-mail/SMS about the assignment of the investigating officer.
  • The Investigating Officer, on receipt of such e-FIR, shall conduct a necessary study of the first e-FIR and within 48 hours of uploading, contact the complainant and verify the relevant documents and visit the scene of vehicle theft/mobile for theft. This entire process has to be completed within 48 hours of uploading the e-FIR and the preliminary investigation report on the e-FIR has to be submitted.
  • The police station officer will dispose of the e-FIR properly and register it in e-Gujcop within 24 hours of receiving this report. The e-FIR has to be disposed of within 72 hours of uploading from the Citizen Portal/Citizen First Mobile App.
  • If action is not taken within 24 hours of being informed by the superior officer, Deputy Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Police will be informed by e-mail/SMS. Thus, in case the final decision (Final Disposal) is not taken within five days (within 120 hours) regarding the e-FIR, the number of such FIR will be allotted automatically. Punitive action will be taken against the concerned officer of the police station after fixing the responsibility.
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