Gujarati Voice Typing Software Free Download

Gujarati Voice Typing Software Free Download – Now a days it is the era of technology and in the era of technology we are getting more and more facilities and especially in mobiles and especially in mobiles, especially after smart phones came in them, one after the other such apps are being made which will increase our facilities and there is only one app – Gboard.

Thus, you will find many applications in Playstore in which you can speak and type, but all those apps are not as accurate as in Gboard. From the name Gboard itself it can be understood that it will be Google’s app and your guess is correct Gboard is Google’s app.


Gujarati Voice Typing Keyboard

You must have seen the facility of typing in the Google search engine. There is a mic on the right side of the search bar, which activates it, so you can search by voice. We are getting the same benefit through this keyboard of Google. To install Gboard, first go to Playstore and search for this app. It will ask for some permissions to install. Before that read, understand and know. At your risk, you say yes (OK).

After installing, you have to go to your phone’s language and input settings option. In this, Gboard has to be selected as your favorite (default) keyboard. After doing that open the Gboard app. Go to the language option in it. If there is a system language in it, then remove the tick mark, then the options below will open. Different languages ​​will appear in it. Add your preferred languages, English (India), Gujarati and Hindi, as Gujarati users will mostly prefer to type in these three languages.

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After doing this you will now be able to type the dialect. If you want to type in WhatsApp or Facebook, then open any other app of note like writing text in color note. Now choose the language in which you want to type in Gboard. Select the option of Gujarati to write in Gujarati. After doing this, the option of mic will appear on the right side. touch on it.

Now the mic of your mobile will be on. You start speaking and your secretary will keep typing all the gibberish in front of your eyes. You can speak at whatever speed you have and Gboard will keep typing. But the problem is that it does not type full stop, semicolon, semicolon, colon, quotation mark, etc. If he wants to be proud, he will not do it either. You have to do this yourself. But considering the speed with which Gboard can type, it does not take much time to make small changes and your time is saved while typing and your hands, fingers and shoulders do not get hurt. This is good for those who are journalists or writers or active on social media.

Gujarati Voice Typing Software Free Download

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