How to know if your phone is hacked?

How to know if your phone is hacked?: More than 90 crore internet users in India are using internet everyday. In today’s fast-paced times, internet and smartphones have become a permanent part of life. Smartphones and the internet have made many of the needs and conveniences of the common man very easy. But over time, smartphones that provide these simple features sometimes become a threat. Many cases of hacking or spying of many websites or phones by various hackers or spies have been witnessed. But in many real cases internet users don’t know how to identify a smartphone being spied on in this way? In this post, we will present to you six different tricks through which you will get a few clues whether someone is actually spying on your smartphone or not. See the entire information with the help of this article.

Important code

code *#62#

Your phone number frequently displays “no service” or “no answer” when someone calls.Then in such a case you can check if someone has redirected your number by dialing this code in the phone. Besides that your number is redirected to the operator’s number.

code *#21#

By dialing this code in your phone, you can easily know that no one has diverted your messages, calls or data elsewhere.

Turn off lock screen notifications

Close the notification drawer on the lockscreen. If this setting is turned on on the lockscreen, anyone can turn off your data or WiFi even if the phone’s screen is locked. For this you should turn it off. For this you have to go to settings and search for notification drawer and turn it off.

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Avoid installing unknown apps

It also often happens that you download a lot of applications on a daily basis and uninstall them later. But sometimes this application downloaded from unknown website is very dangerous option. Various such control apps designed for spying use your data away. At such a time, if you have downloaded any application out of all the installed applications in your gallery, it should be removed immediately. Or you can use Net Nanny, Casper Sky Safe Kids or Norton Family to find such apps.

See if the call is being recorded or not

This is the easiest way to identify whether a call is being recorded or not. Call recording is always possible at the beginning of a voice call or when there is a beep sound in between. Another way to identify if a call is being recorded or not is if you call someone and they put your call on speaker, you should understand that your call is being recorded. Let us tell you that the easiest way is to record the voice call on the speaker. What this means is that the call can be recorded by keeping a recorder or other phone nearby during the call. In such a situation, if the person you don’t trust is talking to you on speaker, you should be aware that your call may be recorded.

Periodically check the search history

If you find information in your web browser that you did not search for in the web history browser, it can be assumed that the browser was used by someone other than you who is trying to spy and steal your personal information. All of the above information is very It is simple and easy with which you can identify or distinguish the spying happening in your phone. But there are many things which usually you don’t even know like battery performance mobile no data usage things like comparison is very difficult. However, if you are aware of your phone’s day-to-day performance and capabilities, you can easily be aware of such non-day-to-day activities.

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A spyware tool should be used

To avoid this type of spy spyware, there are many spyware removal tools easily available in the market which can easily scan your device or phone and identify the spyware in your phone and remove it immediately. But even in that one should only use spyware removal tools from reputable companies.

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