Is it true that a story of donation for elephants is being posted in Instagram? Know the truth | 1 Repost = $0.01

Is it true that a story of donation for elephants is being posted in Instagram? Know the truth | 1 Repost = $0.01 | On Instagram, you will see many reposts, which say that the repost earns $0.01, which is used to protect elephants. Find out how true this is.

  • You may have seen a lot of Save the Elephant fundraiser posts on Instagram
  • This organization itself says that currently they are not running any such campaign
  • So avoid reposting any such post

You might have seen a repost in the Instagram story of your friends, your relatives, and that is Save the Elephants, which says that a repost earns $0.01 to donate to elephants. Whether the story behind this fundraiser is true or false, you will find all the details here today.


Instagram’s fundraiser feature is not only available in India

So you’ve all probably seen this story that shows an elephant and her baby and says that you donate or you repost, so that $0.01 is received and it will be used to protect the elephant. First of all, Instagram’s fundraiser feature is not available in India, its official website says that this feature is not available in India, so you cannot donate. So no matter how much you try to donate, you cannot. Another ad is that if you repost, you will get $0.01 which we will donate, but what is the proof of this being donated or not? Because no update has been found in it. We do not get any information about this.

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Learn about this organization

Save the Elephant is a UK registered company, headquartered in Kenya. But it comes to Petkopets. There are many organizations like Petkopets like Petco Earth etc and their Instagram pages are also running. Now this Instagram page is not only for elephants but you will see many stories like Save the Turkey, Save the Ukraine etc. From a website it was found that the organization run by Petkopets has no liability. There is no information about what the donation is, where it is from. That’s why some websites are claiming that this is the Petco Pets organization or its affiliates, they may be doing so for marketing purposes.

What should be done?

Until we have enough information about this fundraiser’s post, we should refrain from reposting his post. The VTV team also mailed the Save the Elephant organization to ask if the fundraiser being run by them is legal or not, to which their media team replied that no such campaign is being run at the moment. But in the past such campaigns were run by Petkopets, but there was no transparency as to whether the money donated was used in charity or not. He has also completely rejected this. That’s why you should be careful about resharing this post because the organization itself has admitted that nothing like this is going on now, there is no information available about what was going on in the past. So you should stay away from such posts.

Is it true that a story of donation for elephants is being posted in Instagram? Know the truth | 1 Repost = $0.01

Here in this topic, this story has been discussed, what to do and what not to do if this comes to mind?

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