Solar Rooftop Yojana Gujarat 2023 Apply Online

Solar Rooftop Yojana Gujarat 2023 Apply Online: Solar Rooftop Scheme 2023, Eligibility, Benefits, Documents, How to Apply Online and Offline. Know Complete Information.

India is also progressing at the same rate as the rest of the world in terms of technological advancements. The worldwide consumption of gasoline, diesel, and coal continues to rise. There are only a few of these natural resources. It has not grown. which can be finished promptly. As a result, more natural energy needs to be used. considering that we are increasing our use of solar, wind, and other forms of energy. The public authority is likewise carrying out different plans to increment sun based energy.

My dear brothers of Gujarat today, with the help of this article, let us know what is Solar Rooftop Yojana, what benefits will be available in the scheme. Who will benefit from the scheme, how much subsidy will be given. Read the article till the end to know all this information.

Solar Rooftop Yojana Gujarat 2023 Apply Online

What is Solar Rooftop Yojana?

Solar Rooftop Yojana consists of solar panels that generate energy. Which is installed in your home. These solar panels are used to generate energy. One of the major advantages of this system is that it occupies only a small space in your home and generates very good amount of solar energy and you will be subsidized under this scheme for installing solar panels so your light bill will be saved and all the money will be saved.

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Subsidy under Solar Rooftop Scheme

The subsidy received under the Solar Rooftop Yojana provided by the Government of India is as follows:

Subsidy on total price on order total capacity

  • 40% up to 3 KV
  • 20% from 3 KV to 10 KV
  • No subsidy above 10 KV

Eligibility for Solar Roof Top Scheme

The person who wants to avail the benefit under Solar Rooftop Yojana should comply with this eligibility, only then the benefit of this scheme will be availed.

  • The site for installation of solar panels should be owned by the individual or the customer should be legally entitled to the site.
  • The solar cell and solar module used in the solar roof top should be made in India. If it is not a foreign company, then the subsidy will not be available.
  • Approval will be given only for new solar plant and machinery and cannot be shifted elsewhere.
  • Benefits provided by Govt under Solar Rooftop System
  • Anyone who avails this solar rooftop plan gets the return of the plan within five years.
  • The owner can sell the surplus to the government by consuming electricity himself.
  • The government is given an article of 2.50 rupees per unit and finally the government deposits those rupees in each bank account.
  • This program, which was started by the Central Government, provides the company with a maintenance guarantee for up to five years.
  • By availing this benefit, you can get relief from electricity bills that you have to pay every month.
  • Under this scheme one can get up to 70% discount on solar system setup.
  • This subsidy is available to households, businesses, and social institutions like schools, hospitals, and others. Additionally, the commercial sector can benefit from this plan.
  • This solar power system costs only Rs.6.50 per kWh, which is significantly less than diesel generators and regular electricity.
  • The reduction of approximately 60 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually that results from the implementation of this plan also contributes to climate protection. So at last it is alright for both climate and wellbeing.
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Required Documents for Solar Roof Top Scheme

Friends who want to apply in Solar Rooftop Yojana, they need all the below documents. Only then you can avail the benefits of this scheme.

  • Solar commissioning report signed by seller, consumer and discom official
  • Invoice from vendor for rooftop solar panels
  • Certificate for charging permission issued by CEI for setups above 10kw
  • Certificate of Electrical Supervisor or Contractor for setups less than 10kw
  • A completed installation report signed by the consumer and listed vendor that provides information about the installation.

How to Apply for Solar Rooftop Yojana?

Friends who want to apply in Solar Rooftop Yojana can apply by following the below mentioned procedure.

  • First of all to apply online for solar roof top scheme one has to go to the website of the state government www.suryagujarat.guvnl.in or the website of the central government
  • Now after online application will be sent online to concerned discom for technical feasibility approval.
  • Install Roof Top Solar through any vendor registered on the portal after technical feasibility is approved.
  • After installing the rooftop fill its details on the portal and apply for net metering.
  • After inspection of the respective DISCOM plants, net meters will be installed and uploaded on the portal.
  • After getting the net meter, the consumer can apply for the meter for which they have to upload their bank account details and a copy of the canceled check on the portal.
  • The central government subsidy will be credited to the consumer’s account within 30 working days.
  • The latest status information of each phase will be available online on the portal.
  • This is how you can apply.
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Solar Rooftop Yojana Helpline Number

If you still have any query about Solar Rooftop Yojana, you can get more information from the helpline number given below.

  • Helpline Number:- 1800-180-3333

Solar Rooftop Yojana Gujarat 2023 Apply Online

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