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Stock market information :- If you are also thinking of investing in the stock market and are ready for it, but you don’t know how to start investing, then you have come to the right place. Thus investing in stock market or stock market is very easy these days. Investment can also be done at home with the help of computer or laptop (Laptop) or mobile. If you make a proper and good start in the stock market, with time you can become a share market expert and get a good profit from the market. If you are also new to stock market then today’s article will be very useful for you. In today’s article we will give you information about stock market and how to get started in it.

Stock market information

What is share market ?

Another name of share market is stock market. If we understand the meaning of the two words share and market, then a market orb a market where shares or stocks are traded or bought and sold is called a stock market. The shares of companies listed on the National Financial Exchanges are traded here. If a company is Public Limited then that company is public and lists its shares. A person who buys and sells these shares is called a stock trader.

Basics of Stock Market

Before starting to invest in stocks or shares it is important to know what the stock market is and how it works. It is a place where shares of various companies are traded. There are 2 primary stock exchanges in our country. 1) the Bombay Stock Exchange. 2) Public Stock Trade.
Investing in share market is the key to your safe and secure future. At present, inflation and inflation are increasing day by day. In such a case, returns from traditional investments alone are not enough. You can invest in stocks or shares for extra returns. A regular investment made here gives you good returns.

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How to start investing in share market

  1. Open a trading account

If you are going to enter the share market for the first time, the first thing you need to do is to open a trading account. A type of investment account is a trading account. You cannot do anything in the share market without opening a trading and demat account. You can buy and sell shares through a trading account. Whenever you buy shares, that amount will be debited from your trading account and whenever you sell shares, that amount will be credited here. There is also a charge to open this account.

  1. Open a demat account

A demat account is as important as a trading account in the share market. A trading account keeps track of your financial transactions and financial transactions are debited, while a demat account keeps track of shares. A demat account can be opened online.

  1. Link the bank account

Whenever you sell shares in the stock market, the money will go directly into your trading account. To get this money in your bank account you have to link your working bank account with the trading account. This is done compulsorily by most of the brokers.

  1. Do a market analysis

Share market players old or new never invest in shares without market analysis. Proper stock valuation provides information about the equity stock, which in turn provides information about the movement and movement of the stock. If you are new and have less understanding about this then you can take the help of a broker or an experienced person.

  1. Set a budget
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Eagerness to start investing in the share market can lead you to invest or spend more than your capacity. Set a budget for your stock market investment and don’t go over that budget while trading.

  1. Do regular evaluations

Remember that the stock market is very volatile. One day’s bullishness can be another day’s bearishness. If you have invested in a good stock initially, instead of forgetting it, evaluate it regularly and take the right decision.

Information about share market

Share market Another name is stock market, two words share and market, if we understand the meaning, a market or a market where trading or buying and selling of shares or stock takes place is called stock market.
A share does not mean a lion, but a certain percentage of a company’s or firm’s ownership signifies that company’s ownership.

Any company, when it needs money for the progress of the company, issues money and some value of shares to the public as per the requirement and when the publicA share does not mean a lion, but a certain percentage of a company’s or firm’s ownership signifies that company’s ownership.


A company named xyz has a current market value of one crore rupees, they need fifty lakh rupees for their future planning, for that fifty lakh rupees, the company can take a loan from the bank or issue shares as per the requirement of face value. For example, xyz company has a requirement of 50 lakhs and puts 5 lakh shares in the market at the price of 10 rupees and the public buys those shares by which xyz company receives an investment of 50 lakhs.

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Where is the stock market located ?

In the earlier times, the persons buying and selling at one place used to transact by bidding for such items.

In today’s digital age, this buying and selling can be done on online platforms without having to go anywhere.

What is BSE, NSE ?

BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE stands for National Stock Exchange (National Stock Exchange), both of which are platforms that provide a place and platform to shareholders and brokers to buy and sell any share or security.

About 5000 companies are listed (registered) in BSE; While about 1600 companies are listed (registered) in NSE.

What is a shareholder ?

When a person shares shares in a company, that person is called a shareholder or a percentage partner of that company.

When will the shareholder benefit ?

When someone buys shares of a company at a certain price and distributes those shares at a price higher than that price, that shareholder benefits.

Example – A person bought 100 shares of XYZ company at Rs 40, the company performs so well that the share price rises to Rs 50, and if the person distributes the shares at this price then that person gets Rs 10 per share. A profit is made, and a total profit of (50-40)100= 1000 (one thousand) is made.
In which any company should be listed i.e. registered so that they can be bought and sold, total 23 stock exchanges like BSE, NSE are functioning in India.

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