These two Zodiac signs must avoid wearing black thread and Watch

These two Zodiac signs must avoid wearing black thread and Watch – There are many benefits of wearing a black thread on the arm, leg or neck and we have heard a lot about it that black thread protects from evil eye. Along with this, many remedies and tricks are also shown in astrology about wearing black thread. Along with all this, astrology also tells a lot about its different effects on different zodiac signs.

We all know that black color is directly related to Saturn and that’s why wearing black thread or black watch on hands and feet or any part of the body has a lot of effect on one’s life. This effect can be good or bad. Nowadays, almost everyone is seen walking around wearing a black band or a black smart watch. Therefore, it is important to know whether this black band or watch is really fruitful or not?


These two Zodiac signs must avoid wearing black thread and Watch

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing black color on hands

Let us tell that wearing a black thread or a watch on the hand brings benefits as well as harm to a person. In such cases, many people wear a black thread as a meditation and it has a great impact on their lives. Many times such a black thread protects from negative energies and difficulties and if the planets and constellations of the horoscope are supported, then such a black thread can show a lot of wonder. By the grace of Shani Dev one gets a lot of respect, fame, wealth and gets relief from many types of health related problems. However on the other hand wearing a black thread can also cause many problems to some people. According to astrology people with 2 of the 12 zodiac signs should avoid wearing black thread. Also, these two zodiac signs should not wear black colored smart watches or smart bands these days. These people should choose the color of smart watch or band according to their zodiac sign.

People of this zodiac should not wear black thread, smart watch or band


According to astrology, the lord of Aries is Mars and Mars has a sense of enmity with Saturn. That is why the use of black color is harmful for Aries people as black color is associated with Saturn. People of this zodiac sign should avoid wearing black colored watches, bands or threads.

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Like Aries, Scorpio is also lord of Mars. For this reason, it is necessary for the people of this zodiac sign to stay away from the evil eye of Saturn. These people should not wear black thread on their hands or feet even by mistake.

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