Weather and Radar App Download

Weather and Radar App Download: Day-to-day conditions of different components of the atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere can be divided into five layers according to its physical form. The lowest layer is the troposphere. This layer extends from the earth’s surface to a height of about 18 km.

What we experience as weather and its associated phenomena such as temperature, rain, clouds, humidity, winds, cyclones, snowfall – these occur in the troposphere. Due to this, sunlight falls at different angles at different times of the year. Temperatures at Earth’s surface typically range from ± 40°C (100°F to -40°F) annually. In this article we will learn about an application that measures weather and predicts weather.

Weather and Radar App Download

Key Features of Aircraft and Radar India:

  • Live Weather Radar Maps of India
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) / Air Pollution Updates
  • Farm weather / forecast for farmers
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Hourly and daily weather forecast
  • Live cyclone warnings
  • 7 – 14-day local weather forecast
  • Fog, fog and snowfall radar

Air Pollution: Air Quality Index (AQI)

Get real-time and forecast air pollution, smog and air quality (AQI) data for major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai or Hyderabad. AQI color alerts show the level of air pollution and will help you plan your day, sports activities and take necessary precautions for your children and elders when the air quality deteriorates.

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Weather app

Always know the exact weather forecast and current local weather in India, see if the sun is going to set, a storm is approaching, or if it will rain or hail. Weather app will accurately display the local weather conditions for your specific location in India or around the world.

Farm weather

Protect your farm from storms, cyclones and floods. The app provides you free farm weather information about rainfall, wind speed, temperature, rainfall, lightning, thunderstorms and other weather forecasts for successful crops.

Weather forecast

Latest weather report with details on temperature, wind, storm, sunshine hours, fog, sunrise and sunset times. Detailed display of air pressure, humidity level and UV-index. Plan ahead with the 14-day weather forecast feature.

Weather radar and maps

View live weather radar map with monsoon forecast including cloud cover, sunshine, rain, hail, thunderstorms and lightning. Whether you are in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad, track the movement of cloud formations, weather fronts, cyclones and active storms to see if they will hit or bypass your location.

Weather alerts and news

Get timely weather alerts when a cyclone approaches from the Bay of Bengal or moves towards India. Do not be caught unawares by lightning or sudden rain. Always be aware of droughts, dust storms, heatwaves or floods. Special warnings for fishermen and port cities.

North India winter

Experience fog, mist, fog, sleet and snow on our weather radar. The Air Quality Index (AQI) will indicate visibility and whether the winter air is suitable for being outside in the cold.

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North-East Monsoon forecast

Track monsoon rainfall on our weather map. Follow their direction, storms and cyclonic circulation. Take safety precautions by scanning cloud formations, lightning intensity and weather front movements for your location. Plan and be prepared for heavy rain, storms and torrential rain.

Coastal water temperature

Live near the ocean or planning a beachside trip? You can rely on our free weather app to get the latest water temperatures as well as frequently updated beach, nearby weather and wave conditions.

Other information

If you have any query regarding information about weather warnings, air pollution, cyclone and farm weather forecast for India, you can write us in comment. We will answer your question soon.

Weather and Radar App Download

Weather and Radar App DownloadDownload App
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