What do you do with the receipts you get at the toll gate?

What do you do with the receipts you get at the toll gate? | Keep the toll receipts you get while traveling on national and state highways, it will be very useful for you. Know their benefits.

The weather is very nice nowadays. In such a situation, many people would have decided to go out somewhere. Many people move out of the city or state because of their work. During this time it is natural to pass on state or national highway roads. In such a situation, we come across many toll booths on the road, at each toll booth there is a toll booth that charges you a certain amount to continue the onward journey and in return, they give you a receipt but many people take these receipts and immediately Just throw away. But, do you know that these receipts are not only available to continue your onward journey, but these receipts also have many benefits.

So now whenever you go somewhere outside the city, keep these receipts with you wherever you continue your journey. If you throw away these receipts, you will be deprived of these benefits. You will be deprived of the benefits from the toll on which you have received the receipt for payment till the next toll. Be it National Highway or State Highway, at their toll booths, there are about four phone numbers written on the receipt you get after paying Rs. These phone numbers are written on slips available at toll booths for helpline, crane service, ambulance service and petrol service.

Toll Get Receipts

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI-National Highways Authority of India) provides these services to you in exchange of charging you toll charges. You will find these four numbers on the official website of National Highway Authority of India http://tis.nhai.gov.in/TollInformation?TollPlazaID=200. The special thing is that all these helpline numbers are acted upon immediately. We ourselves have checked all these helpline numbers like a common person, it is noticed that, as soon as we contacted them, we called and got quick and positive response on all those numbers. Top 6 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online.

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The receipts you get during your journey on National Highway roads are not just for crossing toll gates.

The receipts you get during your journey on National Highway roads are not just for crossing toll gates.

What do you do with the receipts you get at the toll gate?

So what else is it?

  • Apart from that, what else is it useful for? Let’s know from the area…

Keep toll receipts on log drive, you will get these special benefits:

(1) In case of medical emergency, you can call the phone number given on the other side of the receipt. An ambulance will come within 10 minutes of your call.

(2) If there is any problem with your vehicle like punctured wheel of your vehicle then you can call any other number mentioned there and you will get help within 10 minutes.

(3) If you run out of fuel (petrol or diesel), you will be given 5 or 10 liters of petrol or diesel very soon. You can pay for and get fuel supplied to them.

Helpline number for medical emergencies:

In the event of a medical emergency while traveling on the highway, people traveling with you may become ill. In such cases, the phone number is provided on the front or on the other side of the medical emergency receipt. It is claimed that an ambulance arrives within 10 minutes of a call. National Highway Authority of India helpline numbers for providing ambulance are 8577051000 and 7237999911. The good thing is that the government has provided this facility to the people free of cost. Please note that this facility is completely free in case of any emergency. An ambulance immediately reaches the spot. In case of minor medical needs, immediate treatment is provided by doctors. Otherwise an ambulance immediately takes you to the nearest hospital or nursing home. Apart from this, in case of any emergency while traveling on the National Highway, you can also contact the helpline numbers 1033 and 108.

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Helpline Number for Petrol:

If suddenly due to some reason during the journey, your vehicle runs out of fuel, no need to worry, the amount given at the back toll booth will now be useful to you. You park your vehicle on the side of the road. Call the helpline number or petrol number given on the receipt. You will be given 5 to 10 liters of petrol or diesel as soon as possible. However, you have to pay for this fuel. For petrol helpline, you can call these numbers 8577051000 / 7237999944 Besides, you can use these numbers even if the vehicle is damaged. Make Money Online with Phone Pe App.

Helpline Number for Crane:

A helpline on the highway will be there to assist you immediately in case of any fault with your vehicle during the journey. He will reach you on his vehicle with a mechanic. Bringing a mechanic is free, but the mechanic will have to pay a charge for the fault in your car or vehicle. If the fault cannot be rectified there, the vehicle will be lifted by a crane to the nearest service centre. You can get solution of your problem by calling this helpline number of Highway Authority, 8577051000 / 7237999944. Apart from this, cranes are also used in case of accidents.

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