What Is Digital Marketing?: Types, How to Do? Know All The Details Here

What Is Digital Marketing? :-What is digital marketing? How can digital marketing be done? Know all information from here: Nowadays everyone has smartphone and internet. If anyone wants to buy something, he first searches for it on the internet, knows about it and then buys it. Many people do their shopping online. In such a situation, there is a lot of scope for digital marketing in this digital world. Many people are making good money by making a career in it. So let’s know what is digital marketing and how can you make a career in it?


What is digital marketing?

As long as we had internet and smartphones, we used to worry about only one world and that is our real world, where we live, meet people, do business, work, love, hate. It means the world we live in for centuries.

But with the advent of the internet, times changed and the digital world was born. The digital world means you watch through the internet on a smartphone. Like Google, Facebook, Amazon, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

Just as in our real world there is a market which we call market, in which we buy and sell things, similarly in the digital world there is a huge market which is called digital market. Digital marketing is used to sell more and more products and services in this market.

That is, the methods of selling products and services in the digital world are called digital marketing.

You are taught many methods of sales, marketing in real world too, but things change in digital world. Here it is also very important that you have technical knowledge. You cannot do digital marketing if you do not have technical knowledge.

આ પણ જોવો >>> શેર બજાર વિષે મહત્વ ની માહિતી (શેર બજાર માં કઈ રીતે રોકાણ કરવા નું ચ્ચલું કરવું)

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How to learn digital marketing?

You have many options to learn digital marketing. But for this you already have some knowledge of computer and internet. It means that some basic knowledge of computer, social media, Google etc. should be known in advance.

Many certificate and diploma courses for digital marketing are conducted online and offline. You don’t need to do graduation or post graduation in this as it is an additional marketing and skill.

If you are doing MBA then you should do a separate course related to digital marketing where you will get technical knowledge. If you want to make a career in this, you can do this course from a good platform.

If you want to learn digital marketing for your own blog or online business, you can learn with the help of free videos on YouTube or by taking someone’s paid course. This will help you a lot in growing your business.

Talking about digital marketing fees, it can range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 70,000.

Scope of Digital Marketing

If you do a course related to digital marketing, this question might be in your mind whether you will get a job or not. For this you have to know what is the need of digital marketing in the market?

The digital market has become a place where more advertisements are seen than the real world. In today’s time, whatever platform you go to on the internet, you see advertisements, the reason being that it is their source of income.

But digital marketing is something through which you can sell any service or product on the internet. You are taught different ways to sell in this. How about social media and how about Google?

Is there a different way to market on each platform? You just have to learn the methods by which sales can be made and your work will be done.

Nowadays the number of businesses on the internet are growing rapidly, but their sales are not so much, they need someone who is an expert in digital marketing to increase their sales. If you become an expert in this work, you can get a job in this field.

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On the other hand, if you want to do online business, this course will be very beneficial for you.
Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is different for different platforms. If you learn digital marketing for each platform, you will gain more attention in this field. Digital Marketing is not a very difficult course, it just requires you to have some internet and computer knowledge.

આ પણ વાંચો >>> ખેડૂત સ્માર્ટફોન સહાય યોજના ( મોબાઈલ પર મળસે 6000 ની સહાય )

There are several types of digital marketing

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most online businesses have either a website or a social media platform. If you want to bring people directly to your business on the Internet, you can bring them with the help of SEO.

SEO is a process by which a website is optimized. Because of this, you do something in your website that will bring in organic traffic, thus, your site will also appear first in search results.

In SEO, you are taught about short keywords, long trail keywords, focus keywords, URL, image optimization etc. These are the things that bring direct traffic to the website.

Email Marketing

Everyone who is using a smartphone these days definitely has their email id. You can’t run an Android smartphone without email. That’s why email is a great place to do marketing.

Companies interact with the audience through email marketing, telling them about their offers and products. You may have also noticed that you receive emails with offers from many companies every day, this is a part of email marketing.

Social media marketing

Whether your business is on social media or a website, you can use social media both ways. There are mainly two functions on social media. Promoting one brand and selling another brand.

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Social media is a place where you can easily find people with similar interests, so it is very easy to promote yourself here. Here you can do social media marketing through advertising and brand promotion.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a type of digital marketing. This includes commission on the sale of any product. As with any product on Amazon, if you sell it through your website or your YouTube channel, you will get a commission on it.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is done on YouTube and other platforms like YouTube. You can run your ads directly on these or you can pay YouTubers to talk about your product in their videos.
Video marketing is a medium in which you can promote your products to the masses. People can also give their opinion on this.

Content Marketing

Internet many people like to read articles. You can also promote your brand or product through these articles. There are many online platforms who post articles related to their products on blogs and get very good response.

Digital marketing is designed with certain platforms in mind. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for social media, Google for SEO, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube for video marketing etc.

If you are already active on these platforms and have some knowledge, you will enjoy working in this digital marketing. This field has a lot of scope for you if you want to make your career in this field. You can easily make your future by doing any digital marketing course.

Click on Pay

This is a way in which money is received only when the ad is clicked. You must have seen a lot of advertisements on the internet but didn’t click on them. Only if these ads are clicked, the person displaying them has to pay.

Apps Marketing

Nowadays is the age of apps, every smartphone has apps, so apps are a big market place where any product can be promoted. You can promote yourself by showing your ads directly on apps through Google Admob, not only that if you have your own app and want to increase its downloads, you can increase it by marketing on the app.

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